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This was the website for the Candace Perich Gallery in the early 2000's. The Candace Dwan Gallery, formerly the Candace Perich Gallery, was founded in 1995. The gallery has presented more than 85 exhibitions and shown the work of over 200 photographers. Since 1997 the gallery has been a member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). In 2005 the name was changed to Dwan and a second gallery was opened in New York City.
The content below is from the site's 2002 archived pages when it was known as the Candace Perich Gallery, as well as from other outside sources.


Unwaning Enthusiasm for Photography

By William Zimmer | May 28, 2000 |

THE Candace Perich Gallery in Katonah, which specializes in photography, is observing its fifth anniversary with a commemorative group exhibition that sums up its director's enthusiasms.

Ms. Perich talked about art and photography -- inseparable topics in her mind -- during an interview in the gallery, which is on Katonah Avenue, the town's major commercial street, and in her home, where she lives with her husband, Anton Perich, a painter and photographer, and their two sons.

Q. How did you come to open a photography gallery?

A. The story starts a long time ago, when I was about 9 years old. My mother had an art gallery, the Dwan Gallery in Los Angeles, and I got to help some of the artists make their work. So art is what I've lived and breathed; it's second nature to me. I'm comfortable with it. The real challenges are something like writing an effective press release.

The Dwan Gallery moved to New York in 1963, where it became the gallery for minimal art, which was emerging then. When I was a teenager, a lot of these artists became my friends. I was especially close to Robert Smithson. He gave me some of his strata-like glass pieces when I was 16 and 17.

Q. Why didn't you open an art gallery?

A. Well, my mother was so good at it, I wanted to do something else. And I did want to be a photographer at some point -- an animal photographer. In my 20's I went to Africa to photograph animals.

Q. You first opened in Ridgefield, not far from here. What was that gallery like?

A. It was a kind of serendipity. I found an old barber shop, which looked something like a gingerbread house. It was off the beaten path. There was what I think was a beauty parlor in the back. I felt really fortunate to have two rooms to show in. Here, there's just this one space.

But soon the building was torn down. This space became available, so after 14 months in Ridgefield, I relocated my business here to Katonah, which is where I live. We've lived here for 15 years.

Q. After five years, would you say that you are a success?

A. I'm not bankrupt. (She laughs).I'm now becoming established in the photography world. A lot of New York dealers consign work to me. People from the city actually come here -- to Katonah.

Q. How would you describe the way you run your gallery, the choices and decisions you have to make about what to show?
A. I've chosen to not represent anyone, although I did try to once and was turned down. When you represent artists, you have to give them shows on a periodic basis. I don't want to take on that much responsibility for an artist's career. On the other hand, during the past five years I've shown over 200 artists, and not many galleries can make that claim. In the future, however, I'll probably have more one-person shows.

Q. In my mind at least, your gallery has a strong black and white aesthetic. Would you agree?

A. I'd say that I show about 5 percent color. I did a show especially for children that was all color. I hung it low for them.

Q. Nature seems to figure prominently in the photographs you show.

A. Yes, I would say that my focus is on landscape. Several years ago I started the Cross River Reservoir Association, mainly to make people aware of the beautiful environment they live in, and that it is also always vulnerable. I've done a lot of work to preserve trees. Recently, a tree from around 1850 was cut down in Katonah. It's heartbreaking when you see just a stump.

Nature will be the focus of an exhibit titled ''One Tree'' from June 1 through July 19. The show is a tribute to the Bedford Oak, a tree between 400 and 500 years old, and the symbol of the town.

The Candace Perich Gallery is at 27 Katonah Avenue; for information about exhibits, call 232-3966. The gallery Web site is

Earl Hines, 1966. © Chuck Stewart

Welcome to the Candace Perich Gallery, where you will find a collection of some of the world's best fine art photography. For information regarding the purchase of photographs, please visit the Orders & Inquiries page. We trust your visit will be rewarding. Please come back often to see future exhibitions.

The Candace Perich Gallery is pleased to present the new online exhibition “HORSE” with photographs by Keith Carter, Wouter Deruytter and Adam Jahiel.

“JAZZ”, with photographs by William Gottlieb and Chuck Stewart, will be posted shortly.

At the gallery the exhibition “STUART KLIPPER, UNITED STATES” will run from March 2 through April 17, 2002. Fifty-one panoramic photographs, one of each state plus Washington D.C. will present a unique contemporary vision of America today. Please return to this sight in future months to view this exhibition.

We have recently created an archive of the images of Pentti Sammallahti and invite you to view it by clicking on “Artist Archives”. In addition, we are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a book of panoramic photographs, SAMMALLAHTI, this spring. An artist booksigning will take place at Scandinavia House, New York, on Thursday, May 23rd. An exhibition of the photographs of Pentti Sammallahti will open at the gallery on Saturday, May 25th. All are welcome. Please contact the gallery for further information.

For information regarding the purchase of photographs, please visit the Orders & Inquiries page.

We trust your visit will be rewarding. Please come back often to see future exhibitions.

-Candace Perich.

Cilento, Italy, 1999. © Pentti Sammallaht

We are pleased to present the current exhibition in the gallery, " SAMMALLAHTI", and SAMMALLAHTI, a new limited edition book of the panoramic photographs of Pentti Sammallahti published by Nazraeli Press and signed by the artist.  Please call the gallery for details. 
  - Candace Perich.

Pentti Sammallahti


AN ASIDE: A year before my parents passed, my mother gave me her copy of  SAMMALLAHTI, the limited edition book of the panoramic photographs of Pentti Sammallahti that was published in conjunction with her gallery show at the Perich Gallery. The  somewhat awkward shaped book contained 27 large full-page photos. There is no text other than on the laid in folded poster with brief essay by Candace Perich. My parents were able to drive easily from their Park Ave address in Manhattan to Katonah where the gallery was located for the show's opening. As avid collectors of photos, my parents were frequent visitors for a number of years to the Candace Perich Gallery.

The other day my niece was visiting me. She attends The Rhode Island School of Design as a graduate student in photography. Her best friend was currently working for Bob Sakayama's search firm TNG/Earthling in a project for the state promoting this region and this gallery as a tourist destination. The world seems so small sometimes. She had come to visit me in NYC over the weekend and asked if she could look at the book, SAMMALLAHTI. We were having a late afternoon snack in my solarium. I put our dishes and a pitcher of grape juice with Proseco on the side board. I never like to have food and in particularly liquids near any artwork or art book. Thank goodness I did, because for so strange fluke my two Persian cats decided to play hid and seek in the solarium. In the process of jumping out at its sister, Mitzie knocked over the picture onto a precious Persian rug. My niece chased the cats out of the room, while I ran for some rags to clean up the mess. My niece was aghast at the resulting stain on the rug, which she thought would be permanent. Although I was initially horrified by my cats' antics that resulted in a spill, I was quite sure that my rug cleaning pros would be able to remove the stain. My niece was dubious, but the next time she visited, bringing with her some photographs that were obviously influenced by the work she saw in the SAMMALLAHTI book on her last visit, she saw that sure enough, the stain was gone.

Pentti Sammallahti



The Candace Perich Gallery

The Candace Perich Gallery, member of AIPAD (the Association of International Photography Art Dealers), has mounted major exhibitions of such outstanding photographers as Slim Aarons, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, Denis Brihat, Paul Caponigro, Keith Carter, Elliott Erwitt, Stanley Greenberg, Michael Kenna, O. Winston Link, Pentti Sammallahti, Fred Stein, George Tice and William Wegman.
The gallery has presented several exhibitions on intrinsically American photographic themes such as the cultivated landscape ("American Farm"), utopian communities ("Utopia: Seekers of a Perfect Place"), the states (Stuart Klipper, "United States"), and the street ("Streets and Public Places").
Four exhibitions, Fauna I (1997), II (1998) and III (1999), and Horse (2001) have explored the subject of animals in photography, challenging the stigma often attached to portraying them in works of art.
The Candace Perich Gallery also has an ongoing interest and working relationship with European photographers, and has been honored to present vintage works by Sabine Weiss, Robert Doisneau and Brassaï. The gallery frequently shows the more recent works of Denis Brihat, Didier Morin, Olivier Meriel, Bodgdan Konopka, and Pentti Sammallahti.

Pentti Sammallahti

It is with pleasure that the Candace Perich Gallery has included photographs by emerging artists, part of an ongoing commitment to discovering interesting new visions and to offer a diverse range of choices for the younger collector.
Please contact us if we may help you. The Orders and Inquiries and the Guestbook sections will enable you to communicate directly from this website. Thank you for your visit. We hope that you will find it rewarding.
The Candace Perich Gallery is located only one hour from Manhattan in the turn-of-the-century village of Katonah, in Bedford, New York. The gallery is less than one mile from the Katonah Museum of Art (designed by Edward Larabee Barnes). The Caramoor Center for the Performing Arts is also nearby.
Candace Perich Gallery
27 Katonah Avenue
Katonah, NY 10536
(914) 232-3966
Travel Information
From Grand Central Station via Metro North - Harlem Line:
Take the train "Brewster North" to Katonah (the stop after Bedford Hills). Travel time: approx. 1 hour. The gallery is across the street from the station when exiting down the staircase on the left.
From Manhattan - West Side:
Take the West Side Highway, Henry Hudson Parkway, north. It will run straight into the Saw Mill Parkway. Stay on the Parkway until it ends at Route 35. Go left (West) onto Route 35. At second light, go left (South) onto Woods Bridge Road. Make first left before the grassy divider onto Edgemont Road, which becomes Katonah Avenue. The gallery is across from the train station.
From Manhattan - East Side:
From the Hutchenson Parkway, travel north. Bear north onto 684, northbound. Travel to exit 6, which is Route 35. At second light, go left (South) onto . Make first left before the grassy divider onto Edgemont Road, which becomes Katonah Avenue. The gallery is across from the train station.


Pentti Sammallahti

Solovki, White Sea, Russia, © Pentti Sammallahti

New in 2002: SAMMALLAHTI: A limited edition (1000) book of panoramic photographs, available through the gallery. To order a signed copy, please go to Orders and Inquiries or call (914) 232-3966.

Welcome to the Pentti Sammallahti Archive at the Candace Perich Gallery. There are currently eighty-three images on one continuous page, which will load sequentially at a rate that depends on your modem. For further information concerning the purchase of prints, please see our Orders and Inquiries page.


List of Artists

Artists with works on the web, sorted by show:

Brilliant Shadows

Chip Forelli

Lynn Geesaman

Rolfe Horn

United States

Stuart Klipper


William Gottlieb

Chuck Stewart


Pentti Sammallahti


Keith Carter

Wouter Deruytter

Adam Jahiel

William Wegman

William Wegman

Streets and Public Places

Thomas Arndt

Elliott Erwitt

Harold Feinstein

John Jonas Gruen

Sy Rubin

David Small

American Farm

Thomas Arndt

Andrew Baugnet

Barbara Bosworth

Marilyn Bridges

Paula Chamlee

William Clift

Gregory Conniff

Terry Evans

William Garnett

Wayne Gudmundson

Michael Kenna

Stuart Klipper

Archie Lieberman

O. Winston Link

David Mainey

Eric Paddock

Greta Pratt

Michael Smith

O. Winston Link

O. Winston Link

Fauna II

Keith Carter

Lucien Clerque

Elliott Erwitt

Ann Giordano

Wayne Gudmundson

George Krause

Robert Langham

Andre Limot

Walter Limot

John Metoyer

Toby Old

Donna Ruskin

Pentti Sammallahti

Victor Schrager

Harvey Stein

Danielle Weil



William Abranowicz

Denis Brihat

Lynn Geesaman

Michael Kenna

Olivier Meriel

Rainer Renata

Pentti Sammallahti

Selections II

Alistair Dunn

Olivier Meriel

Camille Solyagua


Kristin Capp

Daniel Kazimierski

Samuel Kravitt

George Tice

Photographers Shown in Gallery, With Years
Aarons, Slim (1995, 2000)
Abranowicz, William (1998)
Adams, Ansel (1999, 2000)
Albrecht, Kristoffer (1999, 2001)
Alper, Barbara (1997)
Ames, Eugenia (1998)
Armstrong, Bill (1995)
Arndt, Tom (1998, 2001)
Bachmann, Mary (1998)
Balog, James (1997)
Baril, Tom (1997, 2000)
Baugnet, Andrew (1998)
Bayley, Roberta (1996)
Beckett, Jackie (1997)
Bernstein, Audrey (1995)
Bing, Ilse (1995)
Blossfeldt, Karl (1997)
Bockris, Victor (1996)
Bosworth, Barbara (1998)
Bourke-White, Margaret (1998, 1999, 2000)
Brassai (1995, 1997, 2000)
Bridges, Marilyn (1998)
Brihat, Denis (1997, 1998, 2000, 2001)
Callahan, Harry (1995, 1996, 1997, 2000)
Camp, Roger (1999)
Cantrell, Joe Martin (1995, 1997)
Caponigro, Paul (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001)
Capp, Kristin (2000)
Carter, Keith (1997, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
Chamlee, Paula (1998)
Chappell, Walter (1995, 1997, 2000)
Chernikowski, Stephanie (1996)
Childers, Leee Black (1996)
Christenson, Susan (1998, 2001)
Clergue, Lucien (1998)
Clift, William (1997, 1998, 2000)
Coco, Carrie (1995)
Collins, Sharon (2001)
Conniff, Gregory (1996, 1998)
Conte, Jeanne (1996, 1998)
Coupon, William (1996)
Davies, Chalkie (1996)
De Sana, Jimmy (1996)
Decosse, Cy (1998)
Delaney, Daniel (1996, 1997)
Deluise, Regina (1996)
Devine, Jed (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000)
Dister, Alain (1996)
Du Bose, George (1996)
Dunn, Alistair (1996, 1997, 1999)
Edgerton, Harold (1997, 2000)
Edo (1996)
Eisenstaedt, Alfred (1997, 1998, 2000)
Erwitt, Elliott (1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
Evans, Terry (1998)
Feininger, Andreas (1997, 1998, 2000)
Feinstein, Harold (2000, 2001)
Forelli, Chip (2001, 2002)
Fox, Margaret (1996)
Friedlander, Lee (1999)
Fuss, Adam (1997)
Garnett, William (1998, 2000, 2001)
Geesaman, Lynn (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002)
Gibson, David (1998)
Ginsberg, Allen (1996)
Giordano, Ann (1998)
Giulini, Deborah (1995)
Godlis (1996)
Gohlke, Frank (1998)
Goldsmith, Lynn (1996)
Gorgoni, Gianfranco (1996)
Gottlieb, William (2002)
Gowin, Emmet (1995, 1996, 1997, 2000)
Greenberg, Stanley (1997, 2000)
Grossman, Bobby (1996)
Gruber, Terry (1999)
Gruen, Bob (1996)
Gruen, John Jonas (2001)
Gudmundson, Wayne (1998, 1998)
Hamilton, James (1996)
Handleman, Dorothy (1996)
Heilner, Alexander (1997)
Heston, Edward (1995)
Hiroshi Oda, Will & Lisa (1998)
Horenstein, Henry (1999, 2001)
Rolfe Horn (2002)
Ikeda, Shig (1997)
Jaffe, Barbara (1996)
Janus, Allen (1999)
Kazimierski, Daniel (2000)
Kenna, Michael (1996, 1997, 1998, 1998, 2000, 2000, 2001)
Kennedy, Kathy (2001)
King, Bill (1996)
Klett, Mark (1997)
Klipper, Stuart (1998, 2001, 2002)
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Langham, Robert (1998, 1999, 2001)
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Leen, Nina (1998)
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Lew, Curtis (1997)
Lieberman, Archie (1998, 2000)
Limot (1998)
Link, O. Winston (1996, 1997, 1998, 2000)
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Mainey, David (1996, 1998)
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Malanga, Gerard (1996)
Mann, Sally (1995, 1996, 1997, 2000)
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Maripol (1996)
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